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(and the in crowd never pays full price)


Connect your Vibrant Card 

Use our mobile app to transfer money from your checking or savings account to your card. Available for 

Apple or Android


Register your Vibrant Card through the Vibrant mobile app or the Vibrant Credit Union online banking platform.

Register now.



Pay with the Vibrant Card

Get an instant 20% discount on your entire Vibrant Coffeehouse and Kitchen order. Sign up for V/C Perks for even more rewards!


Add it to your mobile wallet
Your Vibrant Card is even easier to use when you add it to your phone's mobile wallet--and it's more secure, too. When you send a payment through your mobile wallet instead of swiping, the entire transaction is encrypted, so there's no danger of nearby scammers stealing your info. Even if you lose your phone, your digital wallet is still protected.


Manage your Vibrant Card online  
Register for online account access through Vibrant Credit Union to check your balance, add funds, and view past transactions.


Get cash with your Vibrant Card
You can use your Vibrant Card at any of the 55,000+ ATMs in the Vibrant network to get cash without paying a surcharge. Find a location near you.


Add Money to Vibrant Card

How do I add money to my Vibrant Card?

Step 1:

Download the Vibrant CU mobile app for Apple or Android.


Step 2:

Register your card through the app and build your profile. Choose a username and password, then connect an external checking or savings account.


Step 3:

In the app, go to the TRANSFERS menu and choose ADD AN ACCOUNT.  


Step 4:

To connect instantly, search for your financial institution's name, then enter your online ID and password. (Don't worry, we're a credit union, and we treat your credentials as securely as we do our own).


Step 5:

If your financial institution isn't listed or you prefer to manually verify your account, it'll take an additional 2–3 days to set up your account because we'll have to send a test deposit through first—check your inbox for instructions.


Step 6:

Once your account is verified, go to the TRANSFER tab and choose MAKE A TRANSFER. Choose one-time only or set up recurring deposits so that your card never runs dry!

When you see money in your Vibrant Card account, you’re ready to start saving. Even better, you won't have to go through this whole process again next time

How to Reload my Card

How do I reload my card?

It's pretty similar to adding money to your card the first time—except now everything is set up, and it will go much faster.

No judgment, but if you stop by the Coffeehouse on the regular, you should think about transferring enough money to cover a couple of weeks of visits—or set up recurring transfers to save time. The only thing worse than caffeine withdrawal is paying full price when you don't have to!

What do you mean by "add an external account"?

An external account is any checking or savings account you hold with a financial institution that isn't Vibrant. When you add that external account to your Vibrant dashboard, you can seamlessly move money from that account to your card from your phone or computer. (Our software team says it's not actually magic, but we're not sure we believe them.)

Add An External Account
Safe To Connect Primary Bank

Is it safe to connect my primary bank account to the Vibrant app?

It absolutely is. Vibrant Credit Union follows the same strict regulations regarding account security and privacy as your primary financial institution does. Any time a transfer is initiated between your Vibrant account and your external account, you'll receive an email notification.

Set Up Mobile Payments

How do I set up mobile payments?

For Apple devices, go to the Wallet app and tap the plus (+) sign. Enter your card info and tap NEXT. Vibrant will verify your card info, and you can start using Apple Pay.

For Android devices, go to Google Pay and tap the +ADD TO WALLET button. Choose PAYMENT CARD, then ADD NEW PAYMENT CARD. You can enter the details manually or use your phone camera to automatically scan your card. Vibrant will automatically verify your card info, and you’re ready to go. 

Use like a Debit Card

Can I use my Vibrant Card like a debit card?

Yes! To set up a PIN for your card, call (800) 992-3808.

What Else Can I Use My Card For

What else can I use my Vibrant Card for?

Here’s a secret: You can use your Vibrant Card anywhere you’d typically use a debit card, or credit card! As we continue to expand the program we hope to offer discounts at other retailers for Vibrant Cardholders—stay tuned for details (you’ll be the first to hear!).

VC Perks

Can I earn V/C Perks rewards in addition to the 20% discount?


Yes! If you haven’t enrolled yet, you can sign up when you check out or enroll online. Once you do, you’ll automatically earn points every time you make a purchase. Right now, you’ll earn a $5 reward for every $50 you spend!

Can I use my Vibrant Card to pay for merch at the Coffeehouse?


We hope you will! For now, the 20% discount only applies to food and drink, but watch your inbox for special merch offers and perks exclusively for Vibrant Cardholders.

Pay for Merch

Will I be able to use my Vibrant Card at other Coffeehouse locations when they open?


Yep. And you’ll be the first to know when and where our next Coffeehouse will pop up!

Vibrant Cards at other Locations

Can I refill my Vibrant Card at the Coffeehouse register?

Not at the register—but you’ll find a Vibrant ITM (interactive teller machine) in the lobby next door to the coffeehouse and two more in the southwest corner of the parking lot! Just insert your card to get started.

Refill at the Register

Can I bank at a Vibrant Credit Union branch?

Why would you want to visit a branch when you can bank from your phone?! But hey, if that's what you're into, stop by one of our locations.

Bank at Branches

I still need help! What should I do?

If you have questions about setting up mobile payments, getting online account access, or adding funds to your card, email or send us a secure message through the Vibrant mobile app or your online account.

Still Need Help
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