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Will you ever have online ordering? 

It’s coming, friends! Because we’ve so quickly expanded to multiple cities, we’re currently optimizing our technology infrastructure to ensure you have the same great experience at any of our locations. Join our email list so you'll be the first to hear about it! 


Where will the next Coffeehouse location be? 

We have plans in the works for up to 10 locations in Iowa and the Midwest in the next 3 to 5 years. Stay tuned! 



Are you open every day? 

We’re open Monday through Sunday, but we do close early on Christmas Eve and for the entire day on Thanksgiving, Christmas Day, and Easter. (Watch our social media channels for specific hours.) 

Hey, the weather’s awful. Where can I find out if you’re open? 

Making sure you stay caffeinated is a job we take seriously, but on occasion, keeping our team safe takes priority. If you’re wondering whether we’re open, check our social media channels for the latest updates. 



Do you offer non-dairy milks? 

Yes—ask for oat, almond, or soy milk in your favorite drink. 


Do you serve decaf coffee and tea? 

Yes, just ask your barista. Like our regular coffees, all our decaf coffees are roasted at our roasting facility in Moline, Illinois. 


Where do you get your coffee? 

We work with a variety of suppliers in Central and South America and West Africa to create our Coffeehouse Blend.  

Where is your coffee roasted? 

Our roastery is located in Moline and provides coffee for all our Vibrant Coffeehouse and Kitchen locations.  


What’s the difference between your Monster and Lotus energy drinks? 

All our energy drinks are custom-mixed to order using a variety of flavor syrups mixed with a base energy drink—either Monster Energy (or sugar-free Monster Energy Zero if you prefer) or Lotus Energy (or Skinny Lotus, if you prefer sugar-free). 

Lotus Energy features a proprietary blend of plant-based energy sources, including green coffee extract and unroasted coffee berries, guayasa tea, green tea extract, lotus flower, schisandra berry, and rhodiola. It’s available in a variety of colors and flavors.  

Want to enjoy the flavor of our custom drinks but don’t want the caffeine? Order your energy drink as an Italian soda, mixed with a base of Sprite. 



Do you offer any gluten-free menu items? 

We do—but be aware they’ve been prepared alongside items containing gluten. Most of our soups contain gluten, as do our baked goods. Try one of our salads or ask for your sandwich on lettuce instead of bread. We’ve recently partnered with a gluten-free baker for some new desserts. Our smoothies are another delicious gluten-free option. And remember there’s always ice cream—one of our gluten-free team members is a particular fan of the root beer float. 


Is it true that I can get a Pumpkin Spice Latte at Vibrant Coffeehouse + Kitchen all year long? 

Shhhhh! Let’s keep this our little secret. 




How long does it take to receive my merch order? 

We generally ship orders placed Monday through Friday out within 24 hours of receiving them. If you haven’t received your order within 7–10 days, contact us at

How do I buy a gift card? 

Gift cards are available at the register at every Vibrant Coffeehouse + Kitchen location—just ask the barista. Gift card denominations start at $5. NOTE: Purchases made with a gift card are not eligible for member discounts. 


I saw something cute in your merch area at the Coffeehouse, but I can’t find it in your online store. 

Sorry! At this time, we carry a much wider selection of merchandise inside each Coffeehouse than we make available online. Many of the items we carry come from local artisans and small vendors and are only available in limited quantities. 


Hey! I make awesome stuff, and I’d love for you to carry it at the Coffeehouse. 

We’re always looking for new vendors and new merch. Email us at and we’ll connect you with our merchandise team. 





Do I have to be a Vibrant Credit Union member to eat here? 

You don’t, but if you are, you can save 20% on all food and drinks when you pay with your Vibrant debit or credit card.  


Want to get a Vibrant Card so you can get a discount, too? Apply now—there's no credit check required. 

Why is a credit union running a Coffeehouse? 

First, because we love coffee. 


Second, because you love coffee, too.  


For nearly 90 years, we’ve been connecting face-to-face with our friends and neighbors to hear what’s going on in their lives. Before smartphones, this happened at the teller counter when you came in to deposit your paycheck. Now, most folks haven’t visited a branch in years.  


We still want to be a part of your life. So we’re building fewer of the places you don’t visit (traditional credit union branches) and more of the places you do (your neighborhood coffee shop, for instance). Grab a great cup of coffee, a quick bite to eat, and hey, even do your banking at our full-service vibrantLive ITM (interactive teller machine) while you’re here. 


So can I bank at the Coffeehouse, too? 

You can! Every Vibrant Coffeehouse and Kitchen location* includes a vibrantLive ITM (interactive teller machine) where Vibrant Credit Union members can talk face-to-face with a teller, make deposits or loan payments, get cash, and more during regular banking hours. 

After hours—or if you’re not a Vibrant member—you can use our ITMs the same way you would use an ATM—for balance inquiries and cash withdrawals. 


*Technically, our ITMs aren’t inside the Coffeehouse in Moline—there are two in the front lobby of Vibrant HQ, plus two more drive-thru ITMs in the southwest corner of the parking lot. 

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