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Make yourself comfortable

We believe the ideal coffeehouse should be a place where you can feel comfortable no matter what. The coffee should taste better than any cup you've ever brewed at home. The food should be delicious and fresh. The space should feel like it's been part of the neighborhood for years. We've got all of that here.

The only thing missing is you. So come by. Bring a friend. We just started a fresh pot.

These guys have a history with coffee

funny story, actually

A couple of decades ago, Monte Bennett (the guy on the left) hired a young Central College economics major named Matt McCombs (the guy on the right) to work in his new coffeehouse. Like every coffee shop employee, Matt spent a lot of time thinking about what it would be like to open his own place. After graduation, he went into banking—but he never stopped dreaming about coffee. 

Matt & Monte toast with tiny cups of espresso.
VCK Ballcap

If you're an experienced or aspiring coffee professional, we have opportunities for you.

We're Hiring

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