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Join V/C Perks and you could get one of our energy drinks for free. Earn points at every visit and get $5 back when you earn 50 points.
Join V/C Perks and earn points on every order. For every 50 points, you get a $5 reward.

Earn perks with every order

Earn one point for every $5 you spend.

for every 50 points you earn, you'll get a
$5 reward you can use on a future visit.

Plus, get a bonus 25 points just for joining!


How do I sign up?

Enter your email at the register when you make a purchase or sign up online.

How do I earn points?

Link your preferred payment card to your email address. When you pay with that card, you'll automatically earn points! Or you can enter your email during checkout. Our Brew Crew can also look up your info during checkout.

How do I check My balance?

Download the Toast app and get automatic notifications when you earn points, or check your balance online.

How do I use My points?

If you're paying with a linked payment card, you'll receive a prompt to use your points when you check out. You'll be able to redeem them immediately or save them for another visit.

Do I earn points on tips or tax?

No, points are awarded based on the actual sales price of purchases only.

Do I earn points on Gift card purchases?

You won't earn loyalty points on gift card purchases, but you will earn points when you pay with a gift card if you share your email address at checkout.

Can I choose how many points I use?

No. If you choose to pay with your V/C Perks rewards balance, you will need to redeem all available points less than or equal to the payment due.

How do birthday rewards work?

You will receive an email when you earn your annual Birthday Rewards. Tell your Brew Crew member you want to redeem your reward before you check out, and they will apply it to your purchase.

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